Sibanye Still Water Sinkhole Divert

With 100’s of kilometres of old concrete canal’s transporting underground water, a Sinkhole in the Carletonville Mining Area is a very common occurrence, and with no proven record of how to safely divert the water, Prime Line Projects, used a combination of HDPE Pipe and Prime Bind lined manholes to create a 300 meter Detour around a newly developed sinkhole.

Not only did the Prime Line Project Installation team oversee the trenching and compaction of the detour, we also lined 4 Brand New Manholes and connected the buried 900nb Pipe over a 300 meter loop.

With the Summer Rains imminent, Prime Line Projects was racing against the clock to meet Natures deadlines, and ensure that our client could return to work as normal.

Sibanye Divert  Sibanye Divert Sibanye Divert


Sibanye DivertSibanye DivertSibanye DivertSibanye Divert Sibanye Divert