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Prime Line Irrigation ProductsAgriculture in South Africa contributes around 2.6 percent of the Nation’s GDP. Due to the aridity of the land, only 13.5 percent can be used for crop production, and only 3 percent is considered high potential land.

Some predictions show surface water supply could decrease by 60% by the year 2030.

Prime Line Irrigation ProductsTo help reverse the damage caused by land mis-management, PRIME LINE PROJECTS is supporting a scheme which promotes sustainable development and the use of natural resources. By getting the correct amount of water on a crop at the right time is crucial to getting higher yields.

In certain areas, some producers are using less desirable water sources, such as wastewater, process water, and even corrosive water. Other producers are adding crop protection chemicals or soil amendment products to their irrigation water. Under these conditions, corrosion of standard galvanized pipe may occur.

PRIME LINE PROJECTS irrigation poly pipes protect your irrigation pipelines from any corrosive components in your water, ensuring a long life for your INVESTMENT.

Bore water availability is consistent, however water quality may become corrosive. Characteristics which make water corrosive are: acidic, alkaline, water with high levels of chlorides, sulphate’s and salts, variable mineral content and crop management chemicals.

Prime Line Irrigation Products

To resolve this issue, Prime Line Projects insert an extruded poly TITE liner into standard hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes. The heavy-duty high-density polyethylene liner has high resistance to corrosive liquids including saline and acidic water.

Prime Line Irrigation ProductsThe pipes have an integrated flange seal that eliminates the need for gaskets. The poly lined piping not only solves water quality issues but allows the Agricultural Industry to safely process crop management chemicals and fertilizers through the irrigation unit.

Poly line pipes are excellent for both low and high pH irrigation water, processed water and farm chemicals

Prime Line Irrigation ProductsWhen water quality changes, aluminium, galvanized steel, weathering steel, and even stainless pipe corrode. PRIME LINE is completely resistant to these changes and protects the significant investment you’re making in an irrigation machine.

PRIME LINE TITE LINER has the chemical resistance properties and longitudinal flexibility to provide an ideal solution for RELINING corroded or damaged pipelines on EXISTING Irrigation Machines.

By utilising RELINING TECHNIQUES and COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS, we provide a timeous turnaround & minimise disruption.

Prime Line Irrigation Products